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VSPL's SmartToC is a end to end IT platform for Telecom Operators for monitoring of their BTSs (Base Transceiver Stations) Infrastructure status and Alarms Management. SmartToc collates real time data coming from the Alarm Management Equipments(AMEs) from the remote BTS sites and presents graphical view of each tower site with details like Canopy temperature, site running on AC or DG set or battery, voltages, Fuel level in DG Sets, Media status etc. It automatically generates alerts for the maintenance engineers and site in charges in case of issues.
The SmartToC has been designed to integrate with all kinds of AMEs from various vendors on industry standard protocols so that you can integrate all your tower sites easily and quickly. The solution is fully scalable for future needs, you can connect from tens to thousands of BTSs seamlessly. The system provides for secure access to various types of stake holders. Various types of reports, mapping on the political map of India, various types of communication needs like SMS and Email, Trouble Ticketing, User Management, Accounting etc. is met.
Virtuosos leverage deep industry and functional expertise and best technology practices to help clients transform their highest-value business processes and improve their business performance. Our Core team have extensive experience (70+ years) as well as expertise in the Telecom domain and customers can be assured that they get the best Tower Operation Center for their network at lowest possible capital and achieve the highest quality standards. The SmartToC is also available on Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

SmartTOC Modules

Collect, Analyse, Process, Store and Manage Alarms and events coming from remote BTSs/ OSS systems. There shall be a provision to filter only the alarms as per desired criteria like critical alarms, warnings, all etc.

Dockets with date and time stamping for occurrence and rectification of fault for each of the fault generated. The TT gets created whenever a predefined alarm is received into the system. Manually creating also easily done.

Facility for inputting data of all BSNL assets pertaining to BSNL BTS assets and facility for managing the above data. Facility for producing asset reports. (based on the site wise inputs provided by BSNL.

USP/Operator wise billing in desired formats.

This module enables integration with OSS systems of Telco to fetch the media status related information.

Comprehensive admin panel is available for configuration of various aspects of the Tower Operation Center as per user needs. The system logs all important events like logins, failed logins, creations, deletions etc. for later auditing. Various reports and statistics as desired shall be available using the alarms, assets and Trouble ticket databases.Communication Center: Management of all communication needs like email, SMS etc to defined groups

Graphical and list views in the form of Hierarchical maps of the Country are organized to provide all the information in a concise manner. Views can be managed to show required alarms and locations of various assets. You can drill down from the country view to a particular BTS site view to view relevant info.

The solution is protected by rights granted to various users. The user account profiles can be configured for appropriate levels of security desired.

SmartTOC Advantages

  • Get it as SaaS. Save money on IT infrastructure cost and manpower.
  • Connect all sites fast and Go live
  • Get 360 degree view of all BTS sites with in-depth info
  • Improve uptime of BTS sites
  • Take proactive action on various issues causing downtime of the sites
  • Keep check on expenditure on fuel. Save money.
  • With automated alerting and trouble ticketing facility rest assured that important parameters are taken care of
  • Manage your assets efficiently. Don't bother about sites going out of AMC.
  • Keep yourself update on the move 24x7

SmartTOC Web Portal - Screen shots

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